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Franklin Erickson (He / Him)

Executive Director

Franklin Erickson serves as the Executive Director at The Initiative. He is new to the role but joins the team with nearly 10 years of nonprofit experience, including engaging in direct service work and executive-level leadership. He is excited by the opportunity to work collaboratively with the existing team and cultivate an organization poised to provide the best possible services to people experiencing domestic violence.

April Montoya (She / Her)

Director of Programs and Operations

April Montoya serves as the Director of Programs and Operations at The Initiative. With a deep-rooted commitment to advocating for at-risk communities, April has dedicated over a decade to fostering safer communities and empowering individuals affected by human trafficking and interpersonal violence. April is committed to advancing the organization's goals of breaking the cycle of domestic violence and promoting healing and resilience among survivors.

Chelsea Morales (She / Her)

Victim Advocate and
Social Media Coordinator

Chelsea is the Victim Advocate and Social Media Coordinator at The Initiative. She graduated from University of Northern Colorado with a Bachelors in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Even before finishing college she knew she wanted to help those in her community. She helps those who are in need find a fresh start and gives them the tools needed to begin a journey of self-sufficiency.

Jessica Martinez (She / Her)

Victim Advocate and
Direct Services Coordinator

Jessica is the Victim Advocate and Direct Services Coordinator at The Initiative. She earned her Bachelors in Criminal Justice from the University of Colorado, Denver. Jessica's passion is to help those in need, especially those who face language barriers. She is passionate about helping people get access to the services they need to begin their healing journey and gain self-sufficiency.

Margaux Sorenson (She / Her)

Victim Advocate and Fundraising Coordinator

Margaux is a Victim Advocate at the Initiative. Margaux holds an undergraduate degree in Women’s Health Disparities and Community Action from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor and a Master’s in Social Work (MSW) from the University of Denver, with a concentration in Organizational Leadership & Policy Practice. Throughout her career, she has dedicated herself to research and advocacy, working to advance the rights of women and girls, both locally in Colorado and on the international stage. Margaux has previously worked with Colorado-based women’s and victim rights organizations to strengthen survivor protections and privacy in Colorado. Her contributions extend globally, including involvement in impactful campaigns such as What Women Want with the White Ribbon Alliance. Beyond her advocacy work, Margaux is an outdoor enthusiast who thrives in Colorado’s natural beauty, indulging in activities like hiking, skiing, camping, fly fishing, and enjoying a good book on her front porch.

Zakeesh Rana (She / Her / Hers)


Zakeesh is a Victim Advocate Intern at The Initiative, currently pursuing a Bachelors in Criminal Justice with a minor in Law Studies. Inspired by her volunteer work on a hotline, she is passionate about aiding others and gaining insights into nonprofit management and the victim advocacy process. Outside of her studies, she enjoys cooking and reading a wide variety of books.

Kezia Manchester (She / Her / Hers)

Victim Advocate and Operations Coordinator 

Kezia is deeply passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of others. Equipped with a degree in Sociology and a specialization in social work, her journey has been driven by a heartfelt commitment to supporting and advocating for victims of various challenges. Her career is defined by a dedication to connecting with individuals who have experienced hardship, offering them both practical resources and a compassionate community where they can find support. Whether through direct intervention, advocacy, or community outreach, Kezia strives to empower those in need and foster environments where empathy and resilience thrive. Outside of her professional endeavors, Kezia enjoys hammocking in local parks with an iced coffee in one hand and a good book in the other. She is continually inspired by the resilience of the human spirit and is committed to contributing positively to our collective journey toward a more compassionate and inclusive society.

Gavrielle Reyes (She / Her / Hers)

Victim Advocate and Outreach Coordinator

Gavrielle is a Victim Advocate & Outreach Coordinator at The Initiative. She was born & raised in Miami, graduated from Hunter College, and was a Social Change Fellow through the Leadership for Democracy and Social Justice initiative of the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership. Having had the privilege of collaborating with SafeBAE in service of youth in NYC, and being a survivor of DV & SA herself, has emboldened her to promote culture change and raise awareness. Developing disabilities resulting from trauma has equipped her with lived experience that she hopes to leverage in service of supporting other survivors. Her biggest motivation is breaking cycles of trauma for her niece and helping others heal.

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