Safety Alert

Your internet use may be monitored by your abuser. You can click on “EXIT” at any time to be taken to This will not delete your search history, so make sure to delete your history if you need to. Be aware that someone can press “back,” and it will go back to this page.

The Initiative is a Colorado-based 501(c)3 organization specializing in providing services, support, and resources to people with disabilities who are experiencing domestic violence, abuse, neglect, sexual assault, or other violent crime. While we specialize in serving people with disabilities, we will work with all survivors, regardless of disability status, documentation, immigration status, sexual orientation, or identity.


To support self-sufficiency and abuse-free lives by creating and providing meaningful and sustainable pathways for those who come to us as victims but leave as survivors.


Empowering victims and creating a bridge to close the gap for people with disabilities through discovery of self-resiliency by providing support and services.

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